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NOTE: All Herbally Anointed containers are glass or tin (as seen in the picture)


Includes: Licorice, Ginger, Tulsi, Dandelion Leaves, Burdock Root, Rose Petals, Elder Flowers and Safflower Petals


Benefits Include:


  • Supports healthy functions of the kidney, liver and bladder

  • Helps regulate fat metabolism in the liver, possess glycemic moderating effects

  • Helps to increase energy

  • Soothe your stomach

  • Hairless treatment

  • Dandruff prevention

  • Boosts immunity

  • Treats colds and the flu

  • Helps with heartburn

  • Restores balance in your immune system


  • Helps with brain performance

  • Helps with menstrual cramps

  • Treat hair loss

  • Remove acne scars

  • Increases blood flow

  • Relieves nausea

  • Reduces inflammation

  • Helps with colds

  • Supports cardiovascular health

  • Helps treat chronic indigestion

Tulsi Leaf

  • Very helpful for kids

  • Improves memory

  • Give strength to the respiratory system

  • Helpful in respiratory tract infections because of its anti-inflammatory

  • Anti-microbial and anti-allergy properties. Its healthy for you to eat 5-7 leaves a day.

  • Good for dental health as well

  • Good for treating skin disease

  • Relief from fever and colds

  • Good for a healthy heart

  • Good for sore throats and coughs

  • Helps with asthma

Dandelion Leaves

  • Perfect for detoxification

  • Promotes healthy skin

  • High in Vitamin C - a powerful antioxidant, makes dandelions a great topical treatment for fighting free radicals and the signs of aging skin

  • Is great to use for acne prone, combination and sensitive skin types; including eczema

Burdock Root

  • Reduces sweet cravings

  • Excellent energy booster

  • Helps with cold and flu symptoms

  • Promotes circulation to the skin's surface which improves health and treats skin issues such as acne, eczema and psoriasis

  • Removes psoriasis
  • Rids kidney and gallbladder stones

  • Blood cleansing

  • Helps fight infections

Rose Petals

  • Soothes skin irritation

  • Reduces skin redness and wrinkles

  • Helps prevent and treat infections

  • Contains antioxidants

  • Heals cuts, scars, and burns

  • Enhances mood

  • Opens pores

  • Helps release toxins

  • Reduces oil production

Elder Flowers

  • Helps treat swollen sinuses

  • Treats allergies

  • Pain killer

  • Improves liver function

  • Detoxify and flights free radicals

  • Promotes healthy skin and nervous system

  • Assists in bladder infections

  • Brings relief to UTIs

  • Stimulates anti-inflammatory properties


  • Reduce blood sugar level
  • Nourishes dry skin
  • Promotes hair growth
  • Reduces risk of arthritis and stroke
  • Helps regulate cholesterol levels
  • Helps with PMS symptoms


All of our teas are 100% organic and locally sourced.

Detox and Refresh Tea

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